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@hides 21414 wrote:

Oh doodah, i wish you were my neighbour…. I’d love to have a cuppa with you.

What you said is totally the truth, and i am doing little things each day/week to change my ways.(not always succeeding) I’m not looking to be a size zero model, but just an average size. In my head the last 3months have given me a good start (2 and1/2 stone) , but i feel now the hard work starts for the other 2 – 2 1/2 stone.

Wii fit today, what a scream that was…. Got no co-ordination, and after the short jog i needed and oxygen tank….. Lol…. But have to start somewhere. Feeling positive, and might even do treadmill tonight, if only to get me away from the kitchen…. Just in time or bath and “fat surgeons”. Oh what a plan…

Thanks for your encouragement, and sorry to bore you with my daily updates.
Heidi. X

BORE ME?! They are hilarious! I now have visions of you doing the wii fit and mirroring what I must look like haha!

2.5 stones in 3 months is absolutely brilliant. You are half way done already. You should feel like the Queen of the Castle! Slow and steady wins the race. It takes agaes to put all our weight on, so it makes sense that it will take time to lose it again. However, the longest journey is the one of self-loving. Forgive yourself. I bet any money you like you are kind and forgiving to other right? Now be as kind to yourself. You are doing it – you are making changes and they are giving you fabulous positive results. Now, in your next exercise session, I want you to practice patting yourself on the back: it’s good for bingo wings, felxibility and morale. YOU deserve it so make it a 5 minute pat. And keep up the with the updates. They will inspire others I can guarantee you that ;-))

Doodah xx

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