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Re: Band Advice Needed!

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Hi Hides

You are making brilliant moves towards getting/keeping on track so well done!!

It’s so easy to slip back into familiar ways of doing things isn’t it? Let’s face it, apart from almost killing us and making us miserable, food has been our friend in the past (albeit a parasitic, toxic, destructive one) and it is like a bereavement when we have to end that friendship. In ‘real’ life, when we lose a friend, we have to look at ourselves as well as the friend we have lost to evaluate what went wrong. I felt exactlty the same way about losing food. Yes food was my friend but it was also my worst enemy so why did I allow it to dominate my every waking moment? Because it was familiar. I truly believe that anything familiar, no matter how bad it is, is preferable to being alone.

What I’m trying to say is: get rid of the bad friend (sweets, cakes, chocolate, chips etc) and embrace the good one (veg, fruit, water, protein etc.) Then introduce a second friend into your life: exercise (who by the way is a bad food’s worst enemy!) I know these analogies might seem simplistic but often the truth is simple. Don’t let yourself be bullied by a bad friend.
Well, didn’t mean to go off on one haha!!! But I hope you get my drift. I think you are doing brilliantly is what I’m trying to say. You have recognised a problem and are making huge changes to address it. WELL DONE xxxx And remember, you are never alone. We are all here to listen, support and encourage you.

Doodah x

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