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Re: Band advice needed

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Cheers Nettie.,

It will be four weeks since first fill on the 8th November…. Who decides if a full is needed? I losing weight but have to work very hard at it by exercising every day, but I’m a tad worried that my picking has slightly increased albeit I’m only picking at fruit, and slim fast meal bars not In excess, so perhaps a second fill might be needed on or around the 8th.. I do find myself thinking about food but in a way that what shall I have for dinner tonight, and it normally comes down to chicken or fish…

But at least the weight is coming off so that’s the main aim of the operation, but i do want to make sure I’m eating the correct foods…. I am sick if I eat to fast or certain foods… Apples and bread are out completely.

A few statistics ( we love them don’t we)
Pre op ( well at my largest) waist 48.. Now 38/40 depending on fit…. My weight went up to 24 stone… Now… 17.9….

Love John xxxx

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