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Re: Band advice needed

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Hi John,
Your stats are amazing, so you were 24 stone pre op and now you are 17.9. that’s 7 and a half stone and you’ve only just had your op, I guess you had been working a while on your weight pre op to have had such a significant loss.
My lovely Baraitric Nurse asks me what my eating habits have been like since the fill and asks if they have changed over the 4 week period, mine have been noticably changing at the beginning of week 3, thats when I notice the effects of the fill wearing off and I am starting to get more hungry and am able to eat slighly more and by the end of week 4 I am starting to eat too much and I am not shifting on the scales or possibly starting to put on, so thats how she assesses the need to fill or not. Each fill has had a more significant effect, with this last one I am very restricted (but not overly, I can still keep fluids and some foods down.) My portion sizes are the smallest they have ever been, I’m now to the size recommended (a ramekin dish) any more than that and it wont stay down, before this fill I could eat 2 courses at a meal provided it wasn’t too fiberous so the difference is very noticeable, I think I am very close to “sweet spot” now, it will be interesting to see how I am at the beginning of week 3 this time.
I’m so glad you are doing so well and it’s always nice to read your posts, actually really looking forward to meeting you hopefully at the tea party next summer, we started our journeys almost at the same time and it’s lovely to have someone to share it with.

Lots of love

Nettie xx

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