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Re: Band advice needed

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Hi Heidi,

It’s quite difficult to list what I eat as it differs from week to week and even day to day depending at what stage I am after a fill and obviously each fill gets more restrictive, this was one aspect I didn’t really take on board pre op or even to begin with post op if I’m honest. The food list seems to get smaller the more fills you have, so whereas I could eat bread after my first fill without problems I certainly can’t eat it now and fiberous meat won’t go down anymore whereas it did. I was of the opinion (wrongly) that once you had weaned yourself in the first 4 weeks post op you were sorted, however the reality for me is that after every fill I have to do the weaning process again (soup, slush,mush,solids) and every time I get back to the solid stage I struggle with some foods that I could eat perfectly well the last time I was on solids. And this is how it goes until you reach “sweet spot” apparently. So prepare yourself, just because you can eat it now it doesn’t mean you will always be able to eat it. I’m still on week 1 post fill (day5) so I’m just coming off soup and onto slush, very runny porridge for breakfast today which to my delight has gone down, I will try soup thickened with mashed potato for lunch and probably the same for tea tonight, with fruit smoothies as snacks and for vitamins. By next week I will hopefully be on things like shephards pie or fish pie type meals and week 3 I will attempt things like jacket potato, salad and salmon, omelet etc, by week 4 I should be at my best just in time for another fill possibly!!!

I hope that helps a little, it’s really hard to define it any clearer. I don’t count calories at the moment I eat what I can but I still take my multivitamins (liquid form at the moment as tablets would block me)

Lots of love,

Nettie xx

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