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Re: bag packing for hospital

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Lindy Loo, you wont be reading !! First 2 days will not make much sense other than talking to the other patients and day 3 you will be thinking about going home.
Magazines are the best, doesn;t matter if you forget what you read 10 mins later but with a book it can get annoying 🙂
You wont feel much like doing the body cream either as you wont be able to use it where the incision sites are.
What you do need are:
2 pairs pyjamas or nighties
Washing bag with soap, shampoo, toothpaste etc
Dressing gown
Mouth freshener spray

I also took:
A childs beaker so that I could sip water while laying down
A small stool to help me get in and out of bed cos I am really short (4’11”)
A radio with ear phones so that I could listen in the night and it drowns out anyone that snores
My mobile.
ALso remember to ask the person taking you home to bring a pillow to hold over your tummy on the drive home.
If I think of anything else I will add it later
Love Lorraine

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