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Thanks Buzz….. guess what….?

WOOHOO !!!!!!!!


Today I had my full day appointment at Chichester Hospital to meet the Surgeon, Doctor, Nurse, Dietician, Psychologist and Anaethetist.

I had to be there for 9.30am this morning. I saw everyone I had to and it was finished by about 12.40pm. Then was told to go away til 2 pm ……. went back and about 3pm was told I HAVE BEEN APPROVED FOR GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY !!!! WOOHOO !!!!!!! Saw Dietician again and was given info sheet on Milk Diet which I will have to follow the week before my Op. Then met Surgeon Mr Guy Slater.

I asked when he expects the op could happen and he estimates probably March !!!! He also said I should receive a letter within 2 weeks telling me the date of my Op and the date of my pre-op blood test / mrsa tests scheduled approx 2 weeks before op.


I am going to concentrate on calorie counting from now til then like I have been recently.

To all who kept telling me to believe I would ‘get a Yes’ – please scream I TOLD YOU SO at the screen – I am sooooo pleased you now have the opportunity!

WOOHOO !!!!!!


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