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Hi Jaysee,
The other tests I had to have were a blood test for hormones and a echogram. My GP who is an absolute gem of a lady decided she would do a blood test on everything (give me a complete overhaul, liver, kidney the works) all came back ok, the only thing was I was lacking in folic acid so she put me on tabs straight away. She didn’t know why they wanted an echogram as I have never complained about anything to do with my heart, she had a listen and said it sounded normal to her then she did an ECG and that came in ok but decided to send me for echogram because they wanted it, went up to Margate hospital the very nice man said it was very unlikely that he would get a clear picture of my heart as I was “a large lady”, he didn’t get a picture.
Went back to my GP who then sent test results and a letter back to Mr John and after I had been back on the 28th and he saw my notes he signed me fit for op and it is all systems go. I am going to start freezing up some puree 30mls meals for when I come out after surgery so I won’t need to worry about it then. You can get some 30ml freezer pots on amazon and I am going to do some veg soup, lamb stew, fish pie, shephards pie etc at least it will give me a head start lol.
Did they tell you to loose a stone before the op and is that why you have started the milk diet early? xx

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