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Re: Assessment: Share you stories

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Hi Karen,
Keeping yourself busy around meal times helps with the milk diet, especially if your the one prepairing all the food for everyone which is normally the case…
Some find the milk diet hard, others relitivley easy so lets hope for you your one of the easy ones lol.

Remember why your doing it, its not a punishment huney, its to help with the operation.
If you can do it, it is really rewarding emotinally… every little hurdle you attack from here on in will be a special moment…
Keep focused on your goals, your dreams and it will all becomme reality…..

WOW after WOW your life is going to change into something of a fairy story…
Your feel better inside and out it is a complete makeover.
people will know you but not recognise you, thats a real funny one…..

If only I could show you through a crystal ball…

Stay possitive, find something to do if and when hunger attacks. Keep yourself busy….
Your be looking at food in a whole different light soon enough, and how much people eat, that will do your head in..ha ha ha….

Is all gonna happen soon and were on the sidelines cheering you on..

All is good, as it should be….

I will try to keep updated in China for the next few weeks 🙂

Buzz xxx

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