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Re: ASMBS – 10% Bypass Patients Reach Healthy BMI

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I guess we have to accept that some people will always be against wls for entirely their own reasons. I would bet my best hat on the fact that they are against what they don’t know or understand. Either that or they have tried it, not worked as hard as they should have (because wls is a cheat isn’t it!!??) and are feeling bitter about it.

Wls surgery is an amazing tool. Tools have to be used and practised with to be able to perform the task properly. A log doesn’t chop itself into firewood – someone has to work up a good sweat to make it happen. It’s exactly the same with wls. If a person doesn’t have the wls tool, it is like trying to chop up firewood with a butter knife.

Stick with the UK sites to get the information that is applicable to you is my humble opinion. Glean knowledge and support from wherever you can and make sure you are made to feel welcome and valued: you will always be both those things here 😉

Doodah x

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