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Re: ASMBS – 10% Bypass Patients Reach Healthy BMI

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@Paul-H 28248 wrote:

That not how its done over here, the disconnected part of the stomach is re connected lower down the intestine so all the stomach acids are still used in the digestive process, the just bypass the first bit of the bypass. Nothing is sealed and nothing can explode, don’t know what they are doing in America that is different to what they are doing over here and to be honest that just sounds wrong, I wonder if the article was actually written by the ASMBS or by a journalist using their data and just getting it all wrong.

Bypass surgery when done correctly has a very very high success rate.

Can you post a link to the article in question, I would like to read some of the nonsense they wrote.


Perfect reply Paul. I too would love to read that article if you could post the link or point me in the right direction and I will do it for you.

Not many people realise that unlike say, a gastric sleeve, a gastric bypass is fully reversible as nothing is removed from the digestive system. So, if someone has to have it reversed for medical reasons ie cancer treatment, it can be done. I’m pretty certain that no-one has ever ASKED for it to be reversed though!

Doodah x

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