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Re: ASMBS – 10% Bypass Patients Reach Healthy BMI

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Hi Katy

Glad to hear your weight loss is slowing down now. Don’t forget that at around year 2-3 there could be an element of regain as your body ‘settles’ into it’s new way of doing things. This is why I always stress that a realistic goal is crucial to our psychological well-being after wls. I set myself a goal of 11st from 26 as I knew that, even though I could get down to 9st easily and not be underweight, I’m not entirely sure I could maintain it without spending every day in the gym.

I chose the weight I was happiest with. I was the weight I am now when I left school. Mind you, everything on my body was in the right place then haha! I was also a very keen athlete and represented my school and county so a good proportion of my weight then was muscle.

We also have to consider our age. I am 54 in September and I honestly think I would look dreadful at 9st. We more mature ladies need a bit of ‘cushioning’ to plump out the wrinkles ;-)) I started with a BMI of 64 and now is is 26. I honestly don’t think I could be any more delighted. More than that – I am alive.

So, keep an eye on the numbers but don’t become obsessed with them. We are all so very, very different that a BMI of 30 could be perfectly normal for one person and the same goes or one of 18. There are so many different factor to consider. The one thing we ALL have in common is: that we have our lives back. In that respect we are all the same.

A healthy BMI is the one at which YOU feel comfortable and healthy.

Doodah x

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