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Re: ASMBS – 10% Bypass Patients Reach Healthy BMI

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Also one other thing to remember is that the ASMBS is American and is probably using American data.

In America the only qualification you need to meet is if you or your insurers can pay for it, judging by all the American WLS program’s I have watched they don’t do any of the Phsycoligical or Dietry support that they do over here, especially if you are getting the NHS to pay. If the average Americal WLS patient is anything like most of the patients featured in their program’s then in is not a surprise that they have such a high failure rate. Over here WLS has a very high success rate with Bypass surgery Bering the most successful and accounting for the vast majority of the 95% success rate often quoted over here. Compare that to the 95% failure rate of diets alone and you will soon see just how good WLS can be if done properly and done on the right type of patient.

Not everyone is suitable for WLS and the more surgeries they do on unsuitable patients the more failures they have, this is one of those cases where having he money is not nessesaraly a good thing.


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