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Re: Ask The Expert-Pre-op

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Ms Ellie

Guys I need some advice here please not sure if I am going round the bend here!!!!

First Letter from PCT to Hosp 4/01/10

Dear Doc

I should be grateful if you might accept referral of Ms Ellie to the specialist Bariatric surgical centre.

I am pleased to confirm funding for Ms Ellie to attend St Richards specialist Bariatric treatment centre and for surgery to aid weight reduction as appropiate.

Please note that funding has been approved conditional to Ms Ellie maintaining her current bmi until surgery. Where Patients show significant weight gain in the lead-up to surgery, funding approval will need to be reconsidered by the kent and medway obesity single patient funding panel.

Please forward treatment invoices to me as below.
Please dont hesitate to contact me should there be anything that you would like to discuss


Letter from Hospital to PCT 29/01/10

Dear PCT

Thank you for your referral of Ms Ellie to the bariatric unit. Prior to us accepting her her referral, she will need to undergo sllep studies. I have asked Ms Ellie to ask her GP if they will organise this for her in a local unit, butr if they are unable to organise this, I wonder if you would give consideration to her undergoing a sllep study in our bariatric unit.

Once she has undergone sleep studies and any treatment resulting from this , I would be grateful if you could re-confirm her funding assessment and surgery as appropiate.

St Richards.

Now I am confused as If I have (Im sure I have sleep aponea) then does that mean I cannot have surgery until treatment has finished??? I have read somewhere that someone has been using the CPAP machine for 12 yrs!!!! Its a long time to wait me thinks!

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