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ruby tuesday

Penny, I completely understand how you feel, and admire you for motivating yourself enough to look at wls as an option, doing anything is hard when you are depressed. The only thing I will say, is you need to be pretty upbeat if your surgery goes ahead, in order to cope with the changes, and if it is not something you are already doing, perhaps you could consider asking your gp for some therapy, or contacting Relate, who offer counselling and it is not only for marriage problems? Obviously, only you know your circumstances, so forgive me if this seems too forward, but you will find surgeons will not operate if you are severly depressed, because people can become depressed post-op as they deal with pain, recovery, and of course changes in their eating habits, and no one wants to push a human past the point of endurance. Before everyone writes posts saying they were on anti-depressants and still had surgery, so was I, but there are different levels of depression, and I found although mine was mild, I still had to pay (my op was private) to see a psychologist for her positive report on me, before my surgeon would agree to operate! Also, like you, I was undecided right up to the night before the op, wondering if I should just be capable of loosing the weight myself, so you may find you do keep wavering! I can say now that I am very glad to have lost all that weight, keen to loose some more, and actually can eat anything, including chocolate sometimes, but I do have a predominantly very healthy diet, and feel healthy. xx

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