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Re: Archive: Milestones of 2010

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@Buzz 7502 wrote:

Blimey Mandy…Fantastic Post….. Really…
Goals are so important, what might be seen as little achievements by some are huge goals for us….
Goodwood is just a hill, just an obasticle and will be beaten.
On your low days you have us to console and comfort you ( I think you know that now)
Why be hard on yourself, we have enough doubters doing that allready..prove them wrong..way to go.
Let me know when your going horseriding…. I will bring the camera…another WOW moment for sure…

All achievable goals……. very acheivable if you just believe in yourself……

Buzz xxx

thanks buzz,
hill to goodwood,well never been a hillclimber lol. clipless pedals are great but usually means if u struggle you fall over. not a prob but gotta ride my best bike at mo and dont want that hitting the deck id cry 🙁
aww thanks about the low days means so very very much.
id love to go riding but thats a prob,cant afford a riding school and dont know anyone with horses anymore.
if your at a loose end though i could use you and the camera. xxxxx

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