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Re: Archive: Milestones of 2010

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Hi Diane and congratulations,
Feeling tired and sleepy around 3-4 months is pretty normal, I am expecting you have started to do more and more, but still eat a lot less and probabaly more infrequently.
Trying to make sure the right foods are important to maintain energy, things that will sustain you for much longer…..

I remeber I was falling asleep at my desk at work around 3-4 months, It did not take but minutes and I was off…

The brain relies on food too….

All the same, if your concerned it does not hurt to have your bloods checked…
Your surgery should be able to provide a blood test to check for irons and vitamins…

Your inards will be pretty much settled by now so its finding the things that keep your energy levels up… Carol the cooks website will help in finding high protien foods….

All the best, be gentle with your pouch and it will be gentle with you…


Buzz xx

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