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Re: Archive: Milestones of 2010

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Hi folks, as promised just keeping you up to date with my progress. Arrived at the unit as instructed at 7.30am dreading that I might have a long wait but I was in luck and was called first. So the nurses were rushing around processing me ready for the aneathesis and surgeon to chat with me. They decided that as I had only had surgery in February that the best way to proceed would be by doing it by spinal tap. So by 9am I am in the theatre prep room having a needle in my spine, it took about 40 mins and then wide awake I was wheeled into theatre for my knee replacement. What a weird sensation that was I could ‘feel’ and hear what he was doing but didn’t feel any pain. I remember him drilling and hammering and pulling me about into some strange positions but they must have then decided to put me to sleep because the next thing I know it is about 10.40am and I am in recovery about to be brought down to my room.

So I am immobilised at the moment with a cast on my right leg waiting for the physio ladies to come and take off the cast and get me moving. It is very, very painful despite the morphine pump and I have had an uncomfortable night. It should be slightly more comfortable when they take the cast off, so the nurse tells me because the leg has swelled up inside the cast which is causing the pain. But movement will also be painful – at least that will be a more constructive pain though and I will finally be on the road to full recovery. I’m a bit nervous but basically can’t wait to get out of this bed.

That’s about it for now, I’ll add a bit tomorrow.

Thanks for the concern and support I have received, you lot really are like family.

love Ruth xxx

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