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Re: Appetite returns

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First I’ll add my congratulations on the amazing weight loss. I think it’s normal to have different appetites on different days. I tried keeping a food diary together with a note of what I was up to on the day. My unscientific research revealed I’m hungriest and eat most if I’m working in the office, less so if I’m working at home and least hungry and eat least at weekends. Levels of activity don’t seem to have an affect.

I’m trying to question myself more about what I eat e.g. are you hungry or just thirsty? Have you planned to eat this now? Is there a social or emotional reason for eating that? Will you regret that later?

I think that I have to be fairly rigid with myself because not being rigid got me to a BMI of 45. Nevertheless it’s also about balance, I’m not saying I never eat a biscuit or anything. But I’m finding a way that works for me

Chris x

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