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Re: Any wisdom I might have

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As it should be Jim, pretty uncomplicated and the change falling into place anturally…
We need to remember you are a traveller with work, which has not really been a problem ( I assume ).

You have had support from a loving wife and really turned you life around… i still can not picture you ever as a fatty lol…. That photo on your camera was not you……

And you forget to mention the Scooby mobile? Whys that ha ah aha…… Scooby snacks…

Loved your story and hope you find some comfort in parting with your knowledge… its stories like these that newies need to hear, without them the internet is a very very scarey place..

I am chuffed for you Jim, really chuffed and inspire myself to do that little more to reach the same results ( muscle and toning for me are an issue), shame your not more local.. I would not be so embarressed about venturing into a swimming pool with another wrinkly….lol…

Thanks for sharing…

Wrap up warm buddy, after seeing Feburarys snow can imagine this next spell will be something similar…..

Later Jim….the abonible scottish skinny snow man.


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