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Re: Any wisdom I might have

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Thanks All (inc Buzz)

Any yes I didn’t mention the Mystery Machine (and no that is not a nick name, I actually have a scooby doo van). I don’t think my lack of sanity is directly connected to the OP and didn’t want to scare anyone :bounce:

Yep travelling with work from about 4-5 weeks after surgery, not too much of a problem, just now forced to avoid the mini-bar temptations !!

Actually, Probably the main / biggest thing that I didn’t write above and I didn’t realise was this.

For me at least, embarking on this whole daunting / huge process was fundamentally about one thing…………. “Finally taking control of major parts of my life”. Like many others I am sure that avoidance of the main weight / health issue and generally focusing-on / valuing others over myself is something that I had allways done. Actually having the drive to take this step was a huge change in attitude / focus for me. I’m not sure whether it counts as selfishness (I don’t think it does,… well perhaps a little) but it meant that I was taking control of things and REALLY doing something for me / my family.

For me this has been the most positve and pro-active thing I have ever done. I am definitely happier as well as healthier and I hope that I mange to retain that for the future. So to anyone else who is having doubts / questions, please try and view it as the act of taking control of your life and actually looking to the future (making sure you’ll be around AND enjoy it).

Sooooo No questions about Camper Vans then ??…………. oh well, probably should post some more pics……. maybe one of the Mystery Machine ?!?!


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