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Re: Any sleevers here?

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@triedeverything 29308 wrote:

Hi it’s been a while since my last visit to this forum so thought I would say hello and see what’s happening with everyone?

I had sleeve surgery 21st may and am now about 12 weeks post op. I haven’t lost particularly quickly but am 34lbs down since surgery. People are starting to notice although it’s coming off very gradually all over so I haven’t had to answer any awkward questions yet.

I am so pleased I had this done I can sit down to my absolute favourite meal but only eat a tiny portion whereas I would have really struggled to keep restrained before surgery I now have no choice and that works for me.

I have suffered from dumping a few times while learning what I can and can’t tolerate and I’ve been sick a few times too so I’m really learning as I go. Thankfully that has only happened a couple of times. I know that I need to eat slowly and stop when full! I am eating far less than my kids which is odd but ok.

I do find I can snack a bit and I have to be careful of that as crisps and biscuits seem to be tolerated ok oops ! I still can only eat a very small amount though so restriction is def working!

Are there any other sleevers here?

Hi there

Glad you are glad that you had your sleeve done!

Your average weight loss per week ios 2.83 lbs so is absolutely perfect for a healthy and sustainable amount.

Do You Know The 20:20:20 Rule? | Uncategorized | Bariatric Cookery

This is the link to the 20:20:20 rule that is recommended as a guideline to eating slowly and mindfully. It really works. especially if you practice it whilst attempting to eat something you KNOW is bad for you. Old habits die hard but you can actually keep them at bay for 99.9% of the time with careful preparation and determination.

Our old enemy ‘head hunger’ is always sat on our shoulders waiting to pounce so don’t give it the opportunity to sabotage all your hard work. Regular sips of water helps with this (I have found) as it tricks my brain into thinking I am giving head hunger something to work with when in fact I am doing the complete opposite – I’m drowning the little blighter!

Well done on your fabulous loss so far and just keep on going. It is a change for LIFE – not a diet. The quicker you can establish good and healthy eating habits the easier it will become over time. After five years, I still do not eat and drink at the same time!

Doodah x

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