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Re: Another Newbie :-)

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@louis24 23593 wrote:

It’s so great coming back and reading these posts! Plus I am so glad I’m not the only one hunger on liquids 🙂

I’m onto soft foods on Tuesday, I can think up the easy things to have… Porridge… Mash… Fish pies etc but any other things I should be having in the purée stage? I read recipes for this stage and people were liquidizing salads?????? Eeew

Love to all xx

Hi Louis,

I started with soups thickened with mash and moved slowly on from there, it’s hard at this stage I wasn’t brave enough to try spicy foods but I know someone that had liquidised curry and chilli. I had mainly mashed potato style meals, shepherds pie, fish pie, quorn mince is also very good as low in fat and very soft and of course full of protein which is what you need. In an emergency for a quick meal I used small tins of heinz spag bol as the pasta in that is very soft and mashed with a fork goes down well I added grated cheese for extra porotein. Good luck

Nettie xx

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