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Re: An update – one month out

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@CurvyJem 34507 wrote:

Hi all,

I just thought I’d give you all an update on how I’m getting on as it’s exactly one month to the day since I had my Gastric bypass at Clementine Churchill Hospital with Guy Slater. My op went really well (apart from a bad reaction to one of the painkillers but nothing major) and I’ve had my first check-up with Streamline and they seem really pleased with my progress.

I was up and about the same day I had my op, luckily the pain was easily manageable and my friends and family were AMAZING and so supportive so I got through the time off work easily as I was never without visitors.

I’ve adjusted to my new diet easily, although having just moved on to the “soft food” stage I am learning that I really must chew chew chew and eat slowly as I’ve had a couple of episodes of the dreaded foamies which I don’t want to be repeating! I’ve also discovered a love for exercise I never thought I’d find and have been swimming every day in my lunchbreak and even planning an early morning gym session tomorrow – I’ve changed!

Down 2 stone 10lbs from my pre-milk diet weight – wuhoo! Hope you’re all budging up on the losers bench for me 🙂

Happy to answer any questions from people considering the op as I know you will all have a few!


Hi Jemma

Thank you SO much for this update. It will be so inspirational to anyone waiting for or considering weight loss surgery.

What really pleases me is the fact that everyone was so supportive. It’s a huge undertaking but it is so much easier when they people who care about you are backing you one hundred percent.

The dreaded frothing is enough to make us avoid the situation again isn’t it!? Exercise is a fantastic new focus. So many of us have found the same comfort in it. How lucky you are to swim every lunch hour! Your weight loss so far is fantastic. Keep up the good work, Jemma. You are doing everything right. Be prepared to be cold this winter though my lovely. It is the one and only negative of having wls. You all know that I whine about it all the time haha!

Again, thanks a million for this update and the offer of help to all the other newbies. I love this forum. Everyone is so supportive, kind and willing to share tips and hints.

Doodah x

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