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@Gill123 32019 wrote:


Ive been posting on boards for sometime, but could not get back in as forgot username and password. Anyway, I have now got my first appointment for all day assessment for bypass at Chichester on 30th May. Anyone know what happens please?

Im still wrestling with my emotions as to whether this is the way forward for me or not as a diabetic and fibromyalgia suffer. If anyone can answer any of my multiple :bored: questions Id be grateful, thank you.

I have diabetes type 2 and last year had to start injecting insulin along with tablets and diet control. I have been diabetic for about 15 years now. I also have Fibromyalgia since 2002 and have to take med’s for that, in truth the Fibro has affected my life more than the Diabetes, due to sleep problems, pain and lack of energy & memory, to the extent I had to give up my full time job that I loved.
I have done many diets successfully, then always put the weight + some back on over the years, so am now considering a gastric bypass as not only will it help me lose and maintain, but it will also help my diabetes.
I said “considering” mainly because I have a huge fear of surgery as this surgery isn’t a small operation. I have done research and some people seem to sail through this operation and are very pleased with it, whilst others do not, they have problems with hernia’s, gall bladder, vomiting, severe constipation, adhesions etc.
Apart from the fear of surgery, the other thing that makes me worried is basically am I going to be swapping one bag of problems (diabetes and fibromyalgia) for another set of problems that could be even worse and require lots more surgery!
I’d really appreciate anyone’s experience on this if you have the time? I also have some questions (sorry!) and would appreciate anyone input, thank you.
I weigh 16.8 stone so although not drastically over weight, it’s having a bad effect on my diabetes and since entering the menopause (now 54 years old) weight has gained more. I eat quite sensibly, although portion control is not good.
1. How do you manage knowing you cannot eat your favourite foods anymore for life?
2. Have you found foods you cannot eat now, such as rice, pasta or bread?
3. I have to take iron tablets for anaemia, cause unknown after many tests, does anyone else and how has that affected you?
4. I already suffer constipation at times and heard this gets worse after surgery? How do you combat this? I cannot tolerate some of the med’s because they cause me stomach cramps due to IBS.
5. How did you cope immediately after surgery, did it take you long to get over and cope with eating again in a new way?
6. Lastly how do you cope and more importantly hide loss skin, sorry that’s rather personal question, but I do not want to spend the rest of my life in a suit of armour ?

Thank you

Hi Gill.

I am no longer pre diabetic but I do have fibromyalgia so I know where you are coming from in that respect. However, at the start of my journey, I was over ten stone heavier than you are now so weight loss surgery was my only hope of survival. It almost took the decision out of my hands. I’m glad it did. It was easier only having the one option.

Here are my answers to your questions:

1.Being menopausal myself, I have to say that wls has not really made much difference to it.
2.I can’t eat rice or animal protein so I have become vegetarian and learned to love pasta (with which I am fine.)
3.I take Calcium, Vitamin D and a very good quality multi vitamin and mineral supplement.
4.Constipation can be eased by drinking plenty of water and gentle exercise (I have a dog!)
5.I was out of hospital after 3 days despite having an open bypass and my gall bladder removed at the same time. I was back to normal after 6 weeks. Eating was easy as I simply followed the guidelines to the letter.
6.I saved like a demon and had a tummy tuck. Before that I had very pretty control undergarments. I still have them for the parts I am not 100% happy with.

I would like to add a category of my own

7. I am healthier and happier. My life is not easy and my fibro and arthritis are still problematic – but they are not going to kill me. My asthma/COPD will always be a serious problem but I am stronger mentally and emotionally which helps me to cope better.

These are my honest answers. I hope they help.

Doodah x

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