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@Gill123 32333 wrote:

Thanks for that Doodah and so sorry to hear you had a car accident that almost killed you, then to add insult to injury it gave you Fibro, how terrible, you strength and positive nature is a credit to you.

I had horse riding injuries, so mechanical back problem, then Fibro. I was thinking last night, one of my biggest fears in all of this is to have this bypass and then be one of the unlucky ones with problems that need further surgery or hospital treatments ( I already know I will have to have iron infusions by IV monthly) to them have further complications and bad health on top of my Fibro would tip me over the edge. My quality of life has got so bad since Fibro, even lost the job I absolutely loved and will never get the chance to be employed at it again as I am a dog behaviourist, took me years to qualify and you usually only go self-employed (which is what I do now, around the fibro) but I got picked out of 240 applicants to work at a rescue centre as their behaviourist, it was my dream job. Guess I’m still in bereavement for my old life to a small extent and sometimes feel angry that Fibro does not allow me to be the Mother or Grandmother I want to be. So if my quality of life diminished further I just don’t think I could accept it and that’s my biggest fear.

If on the other side it didn’t have problems, then yes it would be a great gift and I’d be thrilled. “But” I’m taking a gamble with having the fibro as well.


The thing is Gill, and I’m going to be really honest here, if you don’t take this chance, fibro will have robbed you of everything you deem to be of value and worth in your life. Don’t let it win! Don’t let it rob you of the opportunity to make huge advances in your life simply because it has frightened the bejeezus out of you and made you see the dark side of life. If you allow fibro to dictate everything you do in your life, it has already taken it.

OK, so it has already made you change the way you do things – don’t let it take away anything else. Not one single thing. Don’t give it another thing in your life. Take back the reigns. Yes, fibro is a horrible, painful and hard to live with condition but I personally know people who are dealing with far worse. I also know people who’s loved ones are dealing with far worse and I cannot think of anything that would drag me down more than that.

Most people’s lives are a struggle one way or another – we just don’t get to hear about it. And yes, it’s the little things that add up to a big problem. So, just deal with them one at a time, when and if they happen. I have met so many people just like you who have lost the pleasure of life to illness. BUT, after wls they blossom and really are like butterflies emerging from a chrysalis! That could be you. I promise you, you are in good company here – with people who have overcome enormous troubles with ill health and have gone on to do ‘Race for Life’ or even Marathons!

Make the change now. Decide that YOU will be one of those people. I truly, truly believe that the only way to beat negativity is to become so positively charged that it can’t even make contact with you! Surround yourself with positive, upbeat people who support you 100%. Meet and make new friends who have not defined you by your fibro.

I know I probably sound impossibly upbeat but the truth of the matter is, that if I say this stuff to you and to myself all the time, eventually it comes true! I have truly awful things going on in my life at the moment, over which I have absolutely no control. I choose to deal with them one at a time. That way, I can give that choice 100% of me rather than trying to deal with it all and everything only getting 10%

I have the sneaking suspicion that you will be one of our most beautiful butterflies 🙂

Doodah x

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