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Re: All day assessment

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@Gill123 32317 wrote:

Hi All,

Just thought Id update you. I had my all day assessment on 30th May, that all went well and I saw Chris pring. I was still “sitting on the fence” with my emotions, so he said he would hold my place until I got back to him as to whether or not I want this surgery, which was very nice of him. He pointed out that my diabetes will get worse and I can expect leg, kidney and eye problems in near future without this surgery.

Felt a little dismayed at this as it seemed the future without surgery looked bleak, but with surgery it still looked bleak as no matter what I could never again eat my favourite foods/drinks, not even once on a special occasion. I’m sorry I’m sounding very negative, but I have to say it as I see it at present.

Anyway today I rang the hospital and asked to go ahead with the bypass – so decision made, its only taken me 2 years :dance:

For any if you that have Fibromyalgia, did the operation cause you a big flare?

Thanks for your support

Hi Gill.

I have fibromyalgia and I can honestly say I had no flare up at all. neither did it affect my asthma.

As for worrying about not being able to ever again eat the food you love, once the pounds then stones start falling off, you will be too busy buying fab new clothes and doing new things to ever worry about it. Yes, there will be times when you wish you could turn to food for comfort but – a big but – that is what got you into this situation in the first place!

You may be like some of the other lovely people on this forum and take up a hobby or exercise type you couldn’t consider before as a distraction. Comfort eating happens when we are uncomfortable, either emotionally or physically. Once the physical discomfort eases, you will find there are many more options to cope with stress or negative emotions than eating.

As the years pass, you will be able to have a tiny bit of what you fancy. I have champagne at weddings and parties. But I never feel the need for it the rest of the time. There is a way round every situation – you just have to work hard to find it. Please try to focus on the positives – the lovely people on here will definitely be able to help with that!

Doodah x

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