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@Doodah 32330 wrote:

Mine was a similar situation Gill. I was House Sports Captain at school – very sporty indeed. In 1995 I had a car accident that almost killed me. I damaged my back, knee and elbow so badly that I never recovered full mobility (to this day.) It also triggered Fibro. I kept gaining and gaining until I hit 26+ st.

After my bypass, things got a bit easier. I’m not cured. I still have terrible days but I now have the will to get through them no matter how slowly or painfully. At 26st I wanted to go to sleep and not wake up as I knew I was heading towards an early grave and wanted to get it over with. How awful is that?

Grab this opportunity with both hands. Life won’t get 100% better (it never does if you have fibro) but it will get more tolerable. You will meet new people, try new things and have hope for the future. You could take up swimming and become really, really good at it!

Losing weight will restore your self esteem – I personally don’t think there is a greater gift.

Doodah x

Thanks for that Doodah and so sorry to hear you had a car accident that almost killed you, then to add insult to injury it gave you Fibro, how terrible, you strength and positive nature is a credit to you.

I had horse riding injuries, so mechanical back problem, then Fibro. I was thinking last night, one of my biggest fears in all of this is to have this bypass and then be one of the unlucky ones with problems that need further surgery or hospital treatments ( I already know I will have to have iron infusions by IV monthly) to them have further complications and bad health on top of my Fibro would tip me over the edge. My quality of life has got so bad since Fibro, even lost the job I absolutely loved and will never get the chance to be employed at it again as I am a dog behaviourist, took me years to qualify and you usually only go self-employed (which is what I do now, around the fibro) but I got picked out of 240 applicants to work at a rescue centre as their behaviourist, it was my dream job. Guess I’m still in bereavement for my old life to a small extent and sometimes feel angry that Fibro does not allow me to be the Mother or Grandmother I want to be. So if my quality of life diminished further I just don’t think I could accept it and that’s my biggest fear.

If on the other side it didn’t have problems, then yes it would be a great gift and I’d be thrilled. “But” I’m taking a gamble with having the fibro as well.


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