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Re: All day assessment

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@Gill123 32044 wrote:

Hi Everyone and thank you for sharing your experiences with me:clap2:

Biker Chris – I feel for you regarding the Pepsi Max, nothing else goes down like it does it lol. I know I cant have it after surgery and its probably the hardest of everything to give up.

The pre-assessment sounds interesting, a whole day though :bored: Still it has to be done and Im sure I will gain a lot of info from it.

Doodah – Did you have Fibro before your surgery? Has the weight loss helped slightly with pain of fibro? I have a dog also, in fact I work with dogs :panda: (yes ok I know its a panda, but it looks a bit like a dog to me! lol)

Deifersmum – I think voluntarily going in for such big surgery that will cause more pain is what Im worried about in many ways, I suffer pain daily with fibro and so want to be free from it. If this was an op to cure Fibro Id be first at the door! Im scared of hospitals, so that doesn’t make it any easier. My son, when aged 10 had an accident that resulted in him having spleen removed and head plated, along with many other procedures. I lived in hospital with him for months, thankfully he survived, but it has left us both with a fear of the places.

Thanks everyone.

Haha! Love your Panda Dog!

I have had fibro, arthritis and asthma (plus a few other health issues that are inherited) most of my life. It’s quite possible that I have never felt 100% well since I can remember. Plagued by eczema as a very small child (infant really) and aching bones and joints too. However, the days when I feel OK are treasured. They are rare but when they happen, they are fabulous.

I understand your fear of hospitals. I spent 6 months of each of my pregnancies in hospital with very severe complications. I would do it all over again as my children were born healthy. Isn’t it bizarre that I now spend quite a bit of time in them visiting other people? I had wls to give myself a longer life. it won’t be an easier one but the alternative is unthinkable. If I hadn’t had wls I most certainly wouldn’t be here now. To quote Dr ‘Bones’ McCoy from Star Trek: ‘It’s life Jim, but not as we know it’. I’m here. To me, that’s all that matters and I’m sure you feel the same having a young child.

Doodah x

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