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Re: All day assessment

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Hi Gill

I can’t answer all of your questions, only tell you my experience. Currently, I am 10 days post bypass, I very much identify with your fears over the surgery itself, I had them too. Because the risks are spelled out to us repeatedly as we consider wls, we’d not be human if we didn’t worry about the potential complications and indeed our own mortality. Talking this through with others helped a lot. The wisest feedback I got was from my 20 year old son who said that if the risks of making a journey by car were brought to our attention every time we went anywhere, no-one would ever get behind the wheel.

To give you some background on me, I’m mid 40s and have been overweight nearly all my adult life. I have lost weight with success on a number of occasions and always gained it back. Having reached the point where my obesity was diminishing the quality of my life to a considerable extent, I took the decision to have the bypass.

Regarding the pre-assessment, I attended this in February and this consisted of a consultation with a specialist nurse for height, weight, oxygen levels etc. Then a dietetic consultation in which my eating history was discussed and the pre-op and post-op eating plan was outlined. There was a psychological consultation because I know there will be a psychological impact to my weight loss and finally a consultation with the surgeon. I think in order to get the mist from your assessment, do as much research as possible before you go. Write down any queries you have as you think of them and go armed with a list of questions. When you have all the facts, you will find your decision easier.

Regarding the other things, I didn’t find the surgery easy, I struggled with post op pain, was anaemic and very short of breath. But day by day I’m getting better and enjoying little walks 4 times a day. The food is ok so far, but at 10 days in, you probably need insight from those further down the road. I don’t know how I’ll feel in a month or 6 months but I have no problem up to now, except being slightly in mourning for Pepsi Max! From what I hear, there is a learning curve in which we discover what we can and can’t eat successfully. Rather than feeling denied anything, I’m focusing on enjoying what I am having.

This is the friendliest, loveliest forum around and no doubt you’ll get more input than my limited experience. Good luck!!

Chris xx

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