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Hi gill
I didn’t have fibro but was very ill this time last year . I couldn’t walk to my car wash the kitchen floor without sitting down or even clean one small window . I went for WLS ( bypass) and was told I was too high risk of dying on the table , stroke or complete heart stopping , that I needed to see a cardiologist and cardiac surgeon , my asthma was fragile and not controlled my heart valve was now narrowed to server . My future looked very bleak , I was in and out of ED once in resus . My husband and adult children didn’t think I be here for Mother’s Day , and were planing how to care for me . Heart surgery was staring me in the face but being morbidly obese the statistics were poor . With lots of prayer and support the cardiac surgeon said I should have WLS first . Well that was in nov 2013 . mr Somer operated as they were concerns about me and the team wanted me out for as short as time as possible . I spent two days in ITU but was. Sooooo well I could have gone home after one day . I was discharged from ITU home . I’m about 6 and a half month out and I lost 5 and half stone . I’m still over weight with about 3 stone left .I am 55 and needed to lose 8 and a half stone to teach the magical BMi .
Most importantly I have a future I swimming sometimes 40 lengths at a time . I go to the gym and do 20 minutes of cardio and then a 45 min aqua arobic class afterwards at least h
three times a week . , I cycle for about 4/5 miles just because I can I also do a Pilates class. As for food yes their are times when it’s hard , but that happens when you’d don’t haven’t had WLS . Psychologically it’s hard work the negative cognition don’t just disappear over night . This surgery is a tool and you need to put the hard graft in . It’s about choosing healthy food so that I eat to live , it’s about quality of life. Yes I gambled , but I made the choose and all I can say is that it been great but if it went wrong at least I had tried and I’m a fighter . Like you I had to give up a career I loved and one on which I will say I was one of the most experienced advance nurse practioner in child and adolescence psychiatry in the city , having been in my specialism for 34. Years .
From. Now on I am choosing to look forward not backward .and I can see different opportunities . I’m giving my self at least a year that’s a new thing putting my self first .to get healthy , recover and to get fit . You never know once I’m fitter I might be working in orphanages aboard ? Who knows what the future hold ,exciting times.
i do know that in life their are risk sometimes we know what the risk are , and sometimes we don’t .we are lucky with wls we know the risk for and against . I understand how scary it is to make that choose , but I also know how empowering it is also . I feel like I am more in control of my future now . I will probably still need heart surgery but hopefully in the future . . Yes I lost loads of weight can wear smaller clothes . But for me the biggest gift is hope .

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