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Re: Advice – Gastric Band

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Hi Shaun,

I had my band fitted on 5th October! After that day I had no restriction until I had my fill on 2nd November!
I could eat normal things and a normal amount, if I let myself BUT, we need to work with it, it’s not gonna do it all for us!
I’m now a wk post first fill and I’m finding a few foods stick such as banana, ryvita among other things, so I’m stearing clear of those! However again I feel I could eat anything I want and however much I want, but I can’t let myself, I’m in this to beat the buldge and I won’t be beaten!
My surgeon has said that they only fill slightly every 2-3 weeks to let your body adjust and find your ‘sweet spot’. I’ve lost 2 stone so far and I’m happy to loose it slowly!
Don’t get disheartened it will happen for you, like above let your band do its job!!!!

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