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Re: Aaaggggghh doctors !!!!

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@Kimberly 34496 wrote:

Gosh that brought back memory’s , it will happen it’s just they need to check it out first with the cardiologist who might need to do further investigations . But it’s all in your best interest ( doesn’t feel like it I know ) what the anaesthetists explained to me is , probably a lot of my Heath problems might and she did say might go , asthma , sleep apnoea , gastric reflux , high blood pressure , high cholesterol we’ll they all did except cholesterol . . But wls couldn’t fix my damage heart . What the team were think was what would happen if I had wls then three months latter my heart deteriorated even and I needed open heart surgery . Can you imagine the shock of this on my body . Also the bypass was elective and they have a responsibility not to make it worse . It different if they have no choice like when I had the appendectomy if I didn’t then it would have ruptured and I gone it to septicaemia . Because of aortic stenosis I was a high risk having surgery ! And was told of that very scared
But after seeing the cardiologist and the cardiac surgeon I had the bypass I decided on quality not quantity so it was a gamble but it worked I lost half of myself I gone from a BMI of 50 to 24.5 . And apart from the doggy heart which will get fixed life is good , so it’s not the end of the road for you or for me , just a little hurdle we got to step over x Don’t give up on your self we worth it

Kim, you are a marvel. I know you are grateful for extra life but I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you got it. You are one of life’s treasures.

Doodah x

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