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Re: Aaaggggghh doctors !!!!

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@ageb 34479 wrote:

wow, just noticed that its almost 2 years since started this thread !

little update on whats happening here

have now finished the 6 months at the level 3 service, have seen the consultant with a view for referral for surgery
BUT it is all on hold at the moment. He did a ECG and said that it had changed since my last one about 7 years ago
and that he wanted to speak to a heart consultant before discussing my referral with his team.

as soon as i think am getting somewhere something else comes up , so now waiting again 🙁

only good thing so far is that my other half has been given the go ahead to be referred for surgery
so now waiting for appointment to come through to see the surgery team at Musgrove (taunton)
they have said could be six months or so before operation if they give the ok.
hopefully I wont be too far behind

Hi there. Long time no see. Thanks for dropping in and giving us all an update.

What a blow for you regarding your ECG. However, they are all making sure that you are healthy and fit enough to undergo major surgery. Our Kim was in a similar situation to you so she will fully empathise with you. She went ahead and had her surgery. It was very successful. She’s a tiny little slip of a girl now!

Fingers crossed for both you and your husband. Please keep in touch and give us an update on what the heart consultant has to say. We are all here for you.

Doodah x

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