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Re: Aaaggggghh doctors !!!!

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@bikerchris 33946 wrote:

I haven’t flown since wls so that is something for me to look forward to. I went motorcycling in France recently which involved a ferry crossing. I recall previous trips where I needed to avoid the chairs with arms and chose the bench seats in the public areas. Now I can sit where I like.

I know fitting in an airline seat is mentioned frequently on this forum, but any public transport is easier for me now. Before, when I got on a bus, if there wasn’t a double seat free, I’d have to stand or risk squashing the other occupant. And if I got to a free seat first, no one would ever sit next to me, there just wasn’t room. It used to make me feel embarrassed and so full of shame.

Chris, I know many of us will completely understand those feelings of shame and guilt about public transport. Public anything in fact.

I once couldn’t fit in a public toilet cubicle. I got wedged between the door and the wall, then when I eventually managed to shut the door, the waste bin dug into my leg so much that I ended up with a massive bruise. All this with a bunch of girls sniggering at me. In the end, I rarely used the loo anywhere which stopped me from going out many times.

I make sure now that, if a larger person looks at the seat next to me and wonders whether or not to sit there, I make a point of inviting them to do so. I was that person once and know how utterly wretched and unwelcome it made me feel.

Doodah x

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