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Re: Aaaggggghh doctors !!!!

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@Whitey 33944 wrote:

I am just the same on flights I feel like shouting out to everyone “look I can fasten my seat belt and tighten it”. I used to hate flying before with the looks from other passengers and the ordeal of cramming myself into the seat & loo. I even had my own extension belt so I could hide the fact the seat belt didn’t fasten! We have just booked a trip of a lifetime to Australia which would have been unthinkable before losing weight. WLS really does change lives.

How fantastic Whitey! Imagine being just the same as everyone else! It would seem so ordinary to anyone else but it’s something they def take for granted. In a way, it’s like being a child again – every new thing is filled with wonderment and joy. Wls is so much more than changing the number on the scales or in your clothes. It’s life affirming and GIVING to so many of us. I did my first long haul flight at the age of 53. I felt like a child – so full of wonderment and excitement. I couldn’t understand why everyone else seemed so bored by it all haha!

Anyway, Lelly has all this to look forward to and savour. Can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

Doodah x

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