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Re: Aaaggggghh doctors !!!!

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@kelsa2uk 30546 wrote:

I was declined WLS from my doctors surgery and have been many times because I don’t have any underlying health problems. I’m not exactly forcing my liver to pack up.
I have asked for help many times in the past and have been given xenical (NEVER AGAIN) and been told to ‘just eat less calories’. I’ve also been told that there’s ‘nothing the NHS can do’ for me. I have a mental problem with food and feel like it’s now come to the point where I need physical restriction. I want to stop killing myself from eating emotionally or when I’m stressed. So I’ve decided that because I genuinely need it to preserve my health, that I will pay for it myself. There are many clinics that offer payment plans, even those with bad credit. So keep your hopes up – the NHS isn’t the end of world and of they decline you then the money for your band is a small price to pay for your health and smaller clothes. Keep it as an option so you don’t get too disheartened – I don’t mind having to go for this option if it means that dreams will come true. It just means I’ll have to not go on holiday this year but I’ll be happy in myself. Keep your head high! If you really want this, then you can do this in so many ways x I hope this helps x

Thank you so much for this post Kelsa. Your positivity is contagious!

Many of us on here have taken our destinies into our own hands and financed both wls and plastic (corrective) surgery ourselves. I always say that the price of a gastric bypass is about the same as a very mediocre new car. The big difference is, that a car devalues the minute you drive it out of the garage, whereas wls lasts a lifetime and gives you a happier healthier future for you and your family. So, as I see it, there is no competition!

How many of us would find the money for a loved one that needed surgery? YES, all of us! So why not for ourselves? Obesity has this way of making us value ourselves less which is absolute madness. Often, the first step in ‘recovery’ from obesity is the simple act of putting ourselves first – just for once! Streamline Surgical offer some of the UK’s top surgeons, a fabulous aftercare package and truly competitive prices. We also offer support groups and this forum for free!

Anyway, Like Kelsa said, never give up. If the NHs can’t or won’t help you, then consider self financing. I did the same with my excess skin surgery and have never regretted it.

Doodah x

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