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Re: Aaaggggghh doctors !!!!

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@Whitey 33894 wrote:

As Doodah says it has to be your decision whether to go private. I decided to pay when I had my op over 3 years ago. It was a lot of money for me but I look at it as an investment in my health. You could compare the costs involved in diet plans such as Lighterlife which are very expensive. It seemed to be a sign when just before my op I got a cheque for PPI claim I had made which covered most of the cost. The other thing I am sure I couldn’t have coped with is all the hoops the NHS makes you go through to get the surgery and reading on here all the stress people have been through makes me glad that I could go private. It gives you more choice of where and when to have the surgery. Mr Slater was great as were all the team at Streamline. My advice would also be do it you can. Good luck with whatever you decide.

What a fantastic way of spending your windfall, to invest in yourself and your future was a brilliant decision Whitey. It is hard to have to wait, jump through hoops and wait some more and I have moaned about it but whilst waiting I have done so much research into the operation and what to do before and after the bypass that to be honest would probably not done as intensely as I have done if I had had the money to pay privately. Hopefully my time has come and had my pre-op today for my operation on 14th July, it may seem an age (2 years) but it does come around.


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