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Re: Aaaggggghh doctors !!!!

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still suffering a little bit
not really eaten much for the past two weeks and have lost a stone and a half
not really they best way to do it , and not made me feel any better , feeling very weak

just got back from seeing my GP
he has given me some opioid patches to see if that will stop the leg pains

he said they have had trouble referring me to the weight clinic
the clinic said I don’t meet the criteria, but we think that I do
as BMI over 35 and co-morbid of uncontrolled hypertension, so he does not know
why they returned it, they have now referred me to a weight hub, the thinking behind
it being that they should see me and then say I need to go onto the next level.
so now need to wait for the appointment letter to come through

am also waiting to hear from the sleep clinic to get checked for sleep apnoea
again now need to wait for letter to come

They also returned by other halfs referral for weight loss clinic, has a BMI of 39.71
saying needs to be 40, couple of pies should do that !
anyway looks like the temp GP who did the referral did not mention the already diagnosed
sleep apnoea, so GP is also sending that to the weight loss hub, as over 35 with co-morbid meets the criteria

just a waiting game at the moment

if don’t get any where that way I will see if the GP can refer me direct to the hospital the also does the surgery
which is Musgrove in Taunton as they also have a weight loss clinic and do accept from outside area as long as
you show that funding will be provided if surgery is needed.

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