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Re: Aaaggggghh doctors !!!!

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hmm, I posted a reply about an hour ago and it seems to have disappeared
that’s happened before. but the spelling mistake on previous post has updated, strange.

anyway it did say….

thanks for the support, it does help 🙂
My normal GP is away for 4 weeks, so I thought I would go and see another GP
at the health centre, however all he said was that I needed to see my normal GP
as he would know my medical history, so that did not work 🙁
I will go to the hospital and see if I can speak to someone there



just been up the hospital, don’t know if I have really got anywhere
I could only see one of the nurses that happened to be at the reception desk
when I got there, she said she could not give any info unless I had been referred.
She said need to see GP and get him to write, I said my GP does not know the criteria
for referral and explained my BMI of 38 and High Blood pressure, she said all he needs to
do is write with that info and they would put me on the list to see the Dr at the hospital
to see how to progress from there.

So don’t really know if they will accept me or not, according to the website need to have
“uncontrolled blood pressure” with BMI over 35, But she just said high blood pressure

My GP is not back for 4 weeks , so I will go back to him and say I have been to the hospital
and they said to get my GP to write saying about my BMI and high blood pressure
and see if he will do so.

Just need to get my foot in the door

will update in 4 weeks , hopefully with some better news

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