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Re: Aaaggggghh doctors !!!!

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thanks for the kind words and support
was a bit down after waiting all that time for him to turn around and say that
when he could have said it 6 months ago.

my local PCT is the royal devon & exeter, and they state “uncontrolled hypertension” as a co-morbid

I have been on the NICE website and the NICE guidelines state “high blood pressure that could be improved if they lost weight”

now i guess that my local PCT does not follow the guidelines , however the PCT in Taunton seem to follow the NICE guidelines as thier website states the above statement as shown on the NICE website
the Taunton PCT also say they accept referals from out of area, so looks like I can ask my GP to refer me to the Taunton PCT, which is the place I would have to go for surgery (if funded) anyway as they dont do it at Exeter

I have telephoned the Exeter PCT weight loss team, but no one answered , so left a message so i can clarify the
criteria on co-morbids with them, just incase they would accept me as a referal, hopefully they will get back to me soon and I will update here to say how I get on with them.

If not I will ask my GP to refer me to Taunton PCT as i do meet their criteria, bit further to travel but needs must

just want to get the ball rolling, if all else fails I will go private, so am already trying to save what i can

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