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Re: A small dilemma

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Thanks everyone. It is clear some people feel strongly on “telling” or not. I really was looking for ideas on how to offer assistance as requested but still fib a little. It’s not that I feel any embarrassment or shame having had wls, I’ve told loads of people and only had positive reactions. It’s just I didn’t really want do go into a big discussion over it with this guy. As I say, he is nice and I like him, but really he’s just the guy who sells me a newspaper and a pint of milk, not a mate. I think Paul’s “small plate” suggestion is the way I’ll go.

What I did like, Doodah, is the way you have reared up to protect your fellows saying you’re not comfortable with anyone being made to feel guilty. You were like a lioness protecting your cubs there, love it! Seriously, I really do feel a common bond on this forum. Whether pre-op or post-op, there is an intense feeling of all standing together.

Chris x

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