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Re: A Question Please (for the future)

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@Paul-H 33384 wrote:


Constipation post Bypass is quite a common problem and for two very obvious reasons.

number one we are eating a lot less food so what goes in takes longer to go out and as a result the body takes just about everything it can out of it and that includes all the fluid so it can become quite dry and difficult to pass.

Number 2 most constipated bypass patients are not drinking enough water, you should be aiming for 2 litres minimum a day. Not taking enough fluid only makes number one reason even more of a problem

If constipation is a problem and you are drinking enough water then you can ask your GP to prescribe a stool softener like Movicol.

In my case I have a very slow digestive tracked so am constantly constipated even though my fluid intake is high, I have been on Movicol for almost 3 years now.

Keep it under control, constipation can be a devil and if left too long will lead to impaction, and take it from me you don’t want that or how the Casualty department goes about unblocking you which is were it ends up.

try the fluid route first and you might find that’s all you need.

Having IBS as well is not a nice thing but loose is better than solid and rock solid it can get.


Thanks Paul for the information, you have made it easy to understand :O) not the nicest of questions but need to know, I should be ok as have to drink loads as I have kidney stones. That was my problem, never felt that thirsty, hence the stones but now make sure I drink about 3 litres a day, most days.

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