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@Kimberly 34410 wrote:

Hope vic ok and would love to know , must be scary for her . I was so scared not when I had my bypass , to be truthful as I was in ITU I had excellent care . But when I had my appendicitis out 10 months later was really scared . The doctors on vic team are on call and will see her couple of times a day . She also be seen either by a senior register or a consultant once a day . They are alway available by phone for consultation . The nurses will be able to look after the post op nursing care but may not know about food ect . This is why we need to learn and become our own expert in wls . And also educate our loved ones who can advocate for us if need . Personally I always found the food in hospital rank and get loved ones to bring me yogurts , milky coffee . And soup in flask . I only eat in hospital to get out as I know that’s one of the questions have you eaten ( meaning can you keep it down ) have you passed urine ( are your kidney working ) and have you passed stool !!!! Or wind ( bowels moving ) and are you walking ( concern about DVT ) then they look at your on , pulse temp . To see if any thing going on physically . Nurses also look at you watching for any changes that might indicate infection , ect , I also look on the menu and think what can’t they ruin . Usually I have mash potato which even then is yuck .

Fantastic advice and professional knowledge from our Kim here. How lucky we are to have reassurance from clinicians on this forum.

Doodah x

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