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@bikerchris 34408 wrote:

Hi all. I also hope Vicky is doing well now.

In a situation like this, we have to assume the medical profession knows what they’re doing. We hear so much about the NHS being strapped for cash so I suppose the positive thing is that Vicky could be readmitted at all.

I do empathise though, once we have had all the worries and concerns up to the point of surgery, of course we’d like everything to be plain sailing afterwards. When I had my bypass I was expected to have a two night stay but Mr Slater wouldn’t discharge me as my blood pressure and heart rate was abnormal. Because I live so far away, 200 miles, he wasn’t prepared to let me go because nipping back wasn’t an option. My sister had already set off to come and get me and I had to ring her to ask if she could turn round and come again tomorrow. I just cried and cried, I was lonely, homesick, in pain and worried.

In hindsight, of course it was the right thing for me to stay in hospital but I was not happy at the time.

Chris xx

That’s exactly the point I was trying (possibly clumsily) trying to make, Chris. My Dad had to wait 8 hours for a very serious operation because there was a major traffic incident that had happened in our county, combined with the fact that on the cardiac ward he was waiting to be admitted to, a young girl arrested and died.

It meant that we were at the hospital the best part of a day with him, until he was brought back from recovery. It was just how things had panned out and no one was to ‘blame’. We were so grateful that he was even done on that day!

So, whilst it is incredibly bad luck and highly distressing when things don’t go as we want or expect them to, our wonderful NHS nurses, doctors and the rest of the staff, often have decisions to make that are hugely unpopular. But they make them with patient priority at the forefront of their minds.

Please give Vickster our love and support and I hope there are no more glitches.

Doodah x

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