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@triedeverything 29498 wrote:

Hi Selena! Wow you are doing so well congratulations!! you must be pretty much at goal now?

We had surgery the same day as I expect you remember? I am not doing as well as you and honestly I’m a bit frustrated as to why I am losing so slowly compared to everyone else? It gets me down sometimes but on the other hand I have always been a slow loser.

I started at 18st 8lbs and I’m today 15st 5lbs so I’ve lost 45lbs but it’s not falling off me despite my eating around 800 cals per day. I still have 5st to lose so it’s going to be a long slog for me I think. Still no regrets just wish I could be doing as well as you xx

I think if you are not losing despite eating only 800 cals a day, you need to refer back to your team – especially the dietitian. It is amazing what can be achieved with a few ‘tweaks’ to your daily intake. However, you could be on a plateau. I had several! They are horrible but an entirely normal part of losing weight.

Doodah x

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