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Hi Caro

So glad you have found us!

I know many band patients who think they are losing weight too slowly. However, I think the majority of them compare themselves to band or sleeve patients. It really isn’t the same surgery at all. When you have a band, the loss is slow and steady – but the race is won. Bypass and sleeve patients have a rapid weight loss and win their race. There will be plateaux along the way and it is absolutely NOT easy or a quick fix (as the media would have us think!)

If you are following a healthy regime, the weight loss will happen. Actually, the hardest part is maintaining weight loss, no matter which method you use. In my opinion (I’m not a clinician) band patients are lucky as they have more time to adjust to the total lifestyle change that weight loss surgery requires. That also means more time to adapt psychologically.

If you think about it, you have lost 16 pounds in 4 months – that’s a steady pound every week with no regain! You are doing brilliantly! You are doing everything right. You should feel really, really proud of yourself Caro 🙂

Doodah x

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