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Reply To: BBC1 – Panorama, 20:30, Diabetes: the hidden killer

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Hi Kitten

I couldn’t agree with you more about giving us all the information we need BEFORE it is almost at the point of of causing serious trouble for us!

I recently changed GP surgery and decided to apply for online access to my records. I checked my blood results as soon as I could. I was horrified. Several things were so low that they were at the bottom of the scale and two were so low they were OFF the scale. I will be discussing it all with my new GP next month. What is worse is that they had been low for 4 years.

How on earth are we supposed to make the right choices about what we eat/drink etc is we have no clue what is absolutely necessary to change? Those things must have been a massive shock to you. When I was diagnosed with extremely ‘difficult to manage’ asthma, I had no idea how dangerous and even life threatening it could be.

I think you have raised some extremely important issues here, Kitten. Thank you SO much for sharing them. On a personal level, I think you are super-human for giving up tea altogether. It’s the one thing I could not live without. Having said that, I have been told to cut down as it is affecting one of my results. I wish you could have seen my face when I was told it! I had already cut out sugar in it and was now being told not to drink so much tea. I have an urn for goodness sake! But I am trying. I’m down from 15-20 cups a day to about 10. I think that it’s best for my family if I stick to that amount as without tea, I am a monster lol!

Again, thank you so much for this post. It will be really helpful to many people.

Doodah x

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