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Reply To: BBC1 – Panorama, 20:30, Diabetes: the hidden killer

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Hi Doodah

I recently watched the above link, I must admit I didn’t know much about diabetes, I assumed that people only came into problems if they didn’t take their medication – and that diabetes was on the rise. I only started to look at it in a different light, when I went for a blood test, my GP didin’t say there was anything wrong with my bloods, but she did hand me a copy for my records, and I asked her what the ranges for diabetes were, she said people without it range from 35ish to 48. I then went home and saw mine was 41, and then saw that the printout said 42-47 was high risk for diabetes – well reality sank in, at 41 I was one point away from high risk WHY did no medical professional say anything, especially as I have a blood test for under active thyroid every year, no-one told me either, that diabetes and hypothyroid go hand in hand – I feel really stupid for not knowing the dangers until it is almost too late. No-one told me either that I had a greater chance of heart problems, diabetes, stroke etc when I was diagnosed with hypothyroid, they just handed me some tablets. Would it not be better to give me the information, rather than waiting until I get diabetes and then drain the NHS? I am now Tea free, as I cant find a sugar substitute that I like in tea, so I would rather go without, so obviously it is not the tea that I crave but the sugar. Also I have that sugar free monin that you told me about for my readybrek – very nice thank you.

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