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Hi Everyone, just getting myself into good habbits, have stopped using my treadmill as a towel rail, and using it for its intended purpose – poor neighbours – I turn up the music and sing along whilst out of breath and dripping in sweat (keeping the bedroom curtains closed, as I look a right state)! Looking at healthy food yoghurts, monin etc incase I do manage to go for bypass, cut right down on tea with sugar from about 9 cups a day to 2. Having readybrek, eggs, veg, tuna, nothing sweet in the house much to my teen’s disgust (they have money if they want to get their own). Just doing some research, and have found that once someone is obese, the body changes, and it is so much more difficult to lose any weight at all, and all the hormonal messages get messed-up, so it is more complicated than energy in, verses energy out once you have become obese, and the only way to re-set the biology is weight loss surgery, and to start again. It makes me feel less guilty about being fat, but I won’t use it as an excuse to stop trying.

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